Guru Kian Saakhian

  1. Here goes the tale of going to the Seminary of Madho Das at Nanded

On Asu 3 Samvat 1765 [3rd September 1708 CE os], during the festival of eclipse of the sun, Guru Jee arrived at the Seminary of Madho Das Bairagi (ascetic), but Madho Das was not present at the Seminary. Guru Jee came across a superbly laid bedstead at the place. The Satguru looked at it just smiled and said, “Daya Singh, this is the same bedstead, which was mentioned by Sant Jait Ram.” Guru Jee, deliberating on the name of Sri Maha Kal (the Eternal Being), took his seat on the bedstead to wait for the arrival of Madho Das. The cook requested, “Maharaj! The sun is going to set, what is your command for preparing the meals?” Satguru said, “Bhai Sikha, we have come to see Bairagi. Whatever you find in his Seminary, you go and cook.” The cool said, “In the Sseminary there is one stag, one goat and one lamb. There are no other victuals available.” As soon as they got the command, the Singhs slaughtered  (jhatkaye) all of them and commenced cooking. The disciples of Bairagi raised a hue and cry. Singhs caught hold of a few and punished them and they all ran away to Bairagi. They narrated all what had happened at the Seminary, which made Bairagi to fly in rage. He called the evil-spirits and told them to topple over the bed. But the bed had become steady like a rock. The evil-spirits reported back to Bairagi, “Maharaj! What to talk of toppling over the bed, it is difficult to see towards that direction. We have spent all our power. He is much powerful than us. Please go and see for yourself. He says, ‘we have come to meet Madho Das and we will leave after meeting him.’ You can go and see for yourself.” On hearing of such circumstances from the spirits, Bairagi remembered that once his preceptor, Sant Guru Loonia had prophesied, “Madho Das, the time will come when such a Raj Yogi will come to your Seminary. He will take away your spiritual power, will adopt you as his disciple and endow you with more celestial power. He may be the same one.” Contemplating as such, Madho Das headed towards his Seminary.


He arrived and humbly stood before the newsstand. On seeing him there, Guru Jee smiled and expounded, “Madho Das, we have come to meet you. Where had you been?” With folded hands he humbly spoke, “Jee, Ghareeb Niwaz, I don’t know about you. Where have you come from? If you knew me, you might have waited for me, why you have to kill these poor animals? This is vegetarian residence.” Madho Das we have met you before, at Rikhikes Haridwar. At that time you were with a group of mendicants and the leader of the party was Aughat Nath Yogi of Nasik Hermitage.” Bairagi looked up and said, “Maharaj, you are Guru Gobind Singh Jee whose father Guru Tegh Bahadur had gone to Delhi to sacrifice his head?” The Satguru said, “Yes, Madho Das I am the same one,” and on hearing the word, ‘yes’ he put his head on the feet of Guru Jee and begged for pardon and, the Satguru, then, spoke, “You have said that this Seminary belonged to the vegetarian mendicants, why have we killed these animals, and wanted me to eliminate your doubts. Madho Das, we have known all this and that is why we have killed the animals, otherwise we had no need to. I have come here to awaken you, overdose I had no need to come here.


“See, by the killing of three or four animals, your Seminary has been polluted but you don’t know about the big Seminary called Hind. Thousands of innocent victims are being annihilated every day. I have come to your Seminary to bring those into your attention.” Madho Das was startled and said, “From the core of my heart I am your Banda, the slave. Kindly command me for any future action.” Guru Jee smiled, looked towards Madho Das and said, “Sant Jee, to become a Banda and to obey somebody if full of intricacies. The one who sacrificed his mind, body and affluence on the command of ones master for his master.” Now Madho Das was another Madho Das with no possession of mind, body and affluence of his own and just became q humble person. The Satguru repeated, “Madho Das! You have turned into a perfect Banda of the Guru. This is the portal of Nanak Jee, who-so-ever comes to this door, his life heretofore, morality and ethics, all are eliminated.” Once again Madho Das requested with folded hands, “Maharaj, from today I am left with no deficiency from any quarter. I have turned into a perfect Banda of your threshold.” Bhai Daya Singh, sitting beside, said, “Maharaj, it is getting time for eve-song, the recitation of Sri Rehras Jee may be started.” The recitation commenced. After the supplication it was distributed. And the command to prepare to leave was passed. (110)


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