The 1893 Indian Hemp Commission reports that charas could be prohibited in India but bhang could not mainly because of how widely it was used in Punjab, and that due to the discontent amongst Nihang Sikhs, it would be dangerous. 

Full Extract:

35. The prohibition of charas is feasible because its export from Ladakh can be easily stopped there. The prohibition of bhang is, however, difficult, because in some of the Punjab districts named in reply No. 3, it grows spontaneously, and, if prohibited, people would consume it illicitly.
The prohibition would occasion discontent among the consumers, but such discontent would not amount to any political danger. The discontent amongst the Nihang Sikhs (consumers of bhang) would, however, be dangerous to some extent.
People would be inclined to have recourse to alcohol stimulants and opium to a small extent if prohibition is made.


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