While Miri Singh was the son of (Baba) Kahan Singh, Sangat Singh was Lahora Singh Kalal’s son.

While this wrestling bout was in progress near AKAAL BUNGA,
All the (Tat Khalsa) Singhs were witnessing this wrestling match.


As soon as Miri Singh took the other’s hand in his grip, Sangat Singh fell to the ground under the former’s weight. Asking for a bowl of meat to be brought immediately,
Miri Singh forced a piece of pork down Sangat Singh’s throat.
Even as the son was converted to a Singh (from a non-vegetarian Bishnoi), Lahora Singh, the father, still remained to be brought to the Sikh fold.

Lahora Singh stood humbled with folded hands before the Khalsa Singhs, begging for an exemption from partaking of non-vegetarian food.

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