Once the Guru organised a Brahm Yagg. A large number of Brahmins and other guests joined. All kinds of dainties were served. The Yagg continued for many days. Rice puddings and sugar were used liberally. And maha parshad (meat) was also served. The Guru declared, “A Brahmin who eats maha prashad will be given one mohr (gold coin) as offering, while a Brahmin who takes rice pudding and sugar only, will receive one rupee (silver coin).” On hearing this most of the Brahmins ate meat out of greed for gold. Only a few took rice and sugar. Then the Guru said, “Those Brahmins who have eaten meat out of greed for the gold coin, are not Brahmins, but scoundrels. Give them only one rupee each as offering, and those Brahmins who have been content with rice pudding and sugar, should be given gold coins.” Thus those who ate meat received a rupee each, while those who ate rice pudding with sugar, were given gold coins as alms.


This is a truly panthic effort, we would be honoured to add your findings here. Please provide the exact reference and content in either Gurmukhi or English. Puraatan ithihaas, puraatan rehit or Gurbaani is foundational. But if you have any other useful and relevant references we will certainly consider it.

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