Satguru had ordered for a big tent to be pitched. And get it covered with a curtain from all sides.
Goats were also kept inside the tent secretly, Without anybody being informed of this plan.

When the Guru made a demand for human heads, the Majhail Singhs came forward to offer their heads.
After washing their bodies and sprinkling themselves with perfumes, very handsome, muscular youth volunteered themselves for sacrifice.

Satguru, selecting five Singhs out of these volunteers, enacted this drama making them the dramatis personae.

Making them stand after blindfolding all of them, The Guru slaughtered the goats in their presence.
As the blood stream from the goats’ slaughter gushed forth, the people ran out scared for their lives.
The Guru, after saving the lives of his devout Sikhs, honoured them with the honour of being martyrs.


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