Kshatriya Gulab Chand brought some food for the Guru, which he partook after uttering a prayer of thanks giving.
He brought the Guru into his house at night and made him stay in the central most part of his Mansion.

One or two more Singhs joined the Guru at this place, whom the Guru asked to stay with him in hiding.
One day the Guru ordered for some goats to be brought and ordered the Singhs to slaughter these animals.

As the Guru partook the meat of these slaughtered animals, he kept on throwing the bones into the neighbouring Muslim’s household,
at this, the Muslim started abusing his Kshatriya neighbour for throwing the left over bones into his house.

Thereupon the Guru’s host Gulab Chand prayed to the Guru, that he was a very poor and powerless citizen.
If the Mughals came to know about this sheltering the Guru, they would, undoubtedly, kill him and his family.

Then Satguru started throwing coins into the Muslim’s house,
which made him keep silent after picking up those coins.


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