Godavri that is Ganges of south India starts from its source near Nasik and moves eastwardly in a curve. In olden times here existed a town named ‘Nonand Dera’. At a scenic spot near the bank of the river existed a hermitage where lived one ascetic. All four sides was fencing and inside was a beautiful garden. Flowers and fruit-laden trees bloomed in the garden.
One side was a plain ground and a hut stood constructed. Inside this hut was laid a very big bed with legs of marble that was placed on bricks to raise its level. On the bed spread a beautiful bed sheet.

Goats were kept in the hermitage that provided milk to the Sadhus. Some Lord-seekers had constructed their own individual huts in this hermitage and lived here. They studied some Vedas but mostly they learnt and practiced Hath Yoga and Tantric rituals.
On entering the garden it appeared to be a Shaivite hermitage. A trident was fixed outside the gate and a skeleton of a head hanged on it on one side. When one went inside, one could watch images of conch shells drawn on a platform. A little further was placed a statue of a cow. At one place stood a goddess sculptured in stone. On one side was a domed platform where an idol of Krishna was kept. On the front side of the hut one could see a figure of Ram shooting an arrow. The walls of the hut were adorned by hanging conch shells, arrows, rosaries made from Eleocarpus genitrus, rosaries of basil, rosaries made from Aegle marmelos and rosaries of fresh flowers. On one wall was painted a figure of a lion and a drawing of the symbol Ganesh. It appeared that items of peace and fear were mingled together.

The hut and the garden were beautiful but it did not give blossom to the mind on entering. The hermit belonged to renounces but the signs and symbols were a mixture of detachment and ego.
The day ascended. It is noontime. It is month of July. The sun is pinching warm. The Sadhus in hermit have cooked the food. They were waiting for the Head of the hermit to come and have food. He went out in the morning and has since not returned. The hungry ascetics were waiting for him.
Meanwhile some dust rose.

From a distance it appeared somebody is coming towards the hermitage. Tapping of the feet of horses was audible. Within moments one majestic figure riding a horse arrived accompanied by five to ten soldiers. All entered the hermitage one by one.
The Sadhus felt dazed, they felt wondrous. They felt some pull also. Powerlessly their heads bent and they stood with respect.

Magnificent Guru: O Ascetics! Where is your head of your hermitage?

Sadhu: He must be sitting in meditation in the forest.

Magnificent Guru: We have come to your hermitage. We are hungry. Serve us food.

Sadhu: Food is ready. But Mahant has not arrived. He will eat food first, then only we can serve to others.

Magnificent Guru: Can you not serve to Mahant’s guests?

Sadhu: We cannot do that.

Magnificent Guru (to his soldiers): Ram Singh! Cook food.

Magnificent Guru got down from the horse, one disciple tied the horse to a tree. He entered the hut and went and sat on the bed. Rest of the companions went into the garden. Two of them plucked some fruits and brought. Another two searched for goats. They found a male goat, killed it and within a short time food was ready.

They informed Magnificent Guru, got a place cleaned nicely and served food. Magnificent Guru asked his companions to sit there and all ate food together.

After eating food, Magnificent Guru went and sat on the bed. Two of the disciples started massaging his feet. Some gave fodder to the horses and some got busy in other chores.

The Sadhus of the hermitage were dazed to see meat being cooked and eaten in the hermitage of a renounce ascetic where meat was absolutely forbidden. But they were so much afraid that they uttered not a word. They were amazed to see somebody else sitting on the bed of their Mahant.

This was not palatable to their mind. They talked amongst themselves nonsensically. Then two of them went into the forest, searched for the Mahant and narrated to him the entire happening.

On listening to the narration the Head of the hermitage became furious.
He uttered: I shall show him the result of killing a goat.
Saying this he stood up and looked towards the sky. His eyes gazed as if to frighten, he uttered something which could not be understood.

On the other side, the disciple who was massaging the feet of Magnificent Guru said: Isn’t this an earthquake? The bed seems swaying.

Magnificent Guru: No. It is not an earthquake. The Mahant is trying hard to topple the bed.

Disciple: How is that?

Magnificent Guru: He has concentrated his mind. When the mind does not concentrate on the Lord, instead one concentrates the mind for worldly gains, then, one’s desires are fulfilled to some extent. He has been trying to concentrate his mind on toppling the bed. Now he is trying on what is called black magic.

Innumerable types of powers exist in the visible and unseen world. He is using his powers to topple this bed. Meanwhile the bed again swayed.

The disciple again said: Magnificent! Again it is swaying.

Magnificent Guru: Do not care. The bed will not topple. Those who have faith in the Lord and those who feel ecstasy of the Lord’s name, they should remain steadfast in recitation of Name. No harm can come to them. For them to stay in recitation of Name is the upmost worship.

Disciple: What shall happen? The bed is swaying again.

Magnificent Guru picked up an arrow and pressed the bed with the tip of the arrow and said: Now it will not sway. The person who is using his power will get depressed himself. His power gone waste and desire not fulfilled will automatically make him feel depressed and disgraced. Vices eventually tire the man. After this the bed did not sway. He sat comfortably.

Soon after some voices were heard from outside. The head of the hermit had arrived, the inmates were complaining to him and he replied to them: Till now none could stay like this. Whoever came got a crushing blow. He seems to be stronger. But that does not matter. I will deal with him. Saying this he moved forward. When he reached near the hut, he shuddered. He saw one person with a dominating personality sitting near the bed on the feet side and another sitting near the pillow side. They were looking outside and sitting in peace in squatting position.

On the bed in the centre is sitting one Magnificent. His eyes are closed. Both hands are resting on the thighs, body stout and unmoved. His forehead is emitting splendour with no frowns. His eyes and lips are closed and his face is showering blossom all around.

The Mahant stood there where he was. With his eyes he gazed at Magnificent Guru sitting on the bed. His mouth closed. His neck became stiff. His eyes stopped blinking, they became red in rage. His eyebrows crinkled. In this unmoved state like a statue he stood there. His followers stood behind him and gazed like him.

Magnificent Guru’s companions who were outside became free by now and when they came, they saw the drama. They did not become afraid. They laughed and stood watching. They knew that Magnificent Guru is ‘all powerful’. No human magical power can harm him.
They knew that however much magical power the Mahant may use to influence Magnificent Guru, that will be in-effective.
One hour approximately passed like this. Then the Mahant and his followers one by one eyes closed, sitting down, falling down lay on the ground. The Mahant also fell down as a statue falls down.

His eyes looked upwards, his face turned pale. Froth came from his mouth and he started taking long breaths.
Magnificent Guru’s companions who were standing and watching, initially laughed, then, said loudly in chores, “Hail the true timeless Lord”.

Then they lifted the Mahant. One disciple put his head on his thighs and rubbed his head with his fingers. Two disciples rubbed his palms and soles, one waved the fan. One opened his jaws and pulled his tongue. In a short while the eyebrows became normal. The face became pale and then white. Now the pulse became normal and the Mahant became conscious. Mahant was made to drink goat’s milk.

In this way his other followers also became conscious by rubbing their palms and soles.
One follower did not regain consciousness by rubbing of his soles. Then one Guru-disciple stood on his thighs. By putting weight on his thighs he regained consciousness. Uttering Ooi! Ooi! All became conscious.

The head of the hermitage Madho Das was now like a squeezed lime, enfeebled, residue and weak. Supported by one follower’s arm he came inside the hut and holding the arm of the cot frame he put his head on Magnificent Guru’s feet (that were in a squatting position in the lap).

Magnificent Guru laughed and uttered: “O Lord! Waheguru! Besides your refuge there is no other support”. When Madho Das’ head touched the sacred feet that were in lap, then he felt coolness in the head. His entire body became cool. He felt a sensation. He felt as if it was a wave of electric current. His head became light as if it is not there.


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