Why did Guru create the Khalsa?

Sri Guru Gobind Singh, being an expert omniscient psychoanalyst, had diagnosed the root cause of his Sikh’s psychic malady.

Since these Sikhs had been peaceful followers of a Charan Pahul tradition, there was no spark of self-assertion and retaliation in their psyche.

They had been used to wearing a black woollen silken cap as head cover, as they had been indoctrinated to call themselves as servants or slaves.

They being grounded in excessive compassion and humility, it would be futile to ask them to pick up swords.

He should first bring about a transformation in their character and make their appearance formidable that evokes fear and awe. He should give his organisation a charismatic nomenclature and administer a heavy dose of heady elixir to them.

So Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh arrived at a firm resolution and made efforts to implement it after deep contemplation. They must adopt the dress code of a martial warrior race and grow hair and wear turbans on their heads.

The warrior Kshatriyas had been suffixing the epithet “Singhs” the same suffix “Singh” would suit his followers’ names as well. He resolved to administer them the “Khande-de-Pahul”. In order to make the Khalsa formidable and resolute.


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