In less than five minutes, we found ourselves seated on golden chairs opposite Runjeet, who re- mained in his litter supported on the bearers’ shoulders. Five minutes more sufficed to produce breakfast. Runjeet’s table was formed by one of his servants standing up close to his litter with his back towards him, and then stooping till his shoulders were on a level with its floor. A tray containing different sorts of curry, rice, sweetmeats, and milk, was then placed upon the man’s shoulders; and the Maharajah commenced his breakfast with an apparently good appetite.

The different eatables were served up in the nicest and coolest little vessels possible, about the size of tea-cups, made of fresh green leaves, so closely sewn together as to be capable of retaining liquids, and beautifully cool and clean.

A tray was brought to McGregor and myself, upon each of which was arranged about six of these little cups, containing different sorts of curry, rice, curds, and some re- markably fat quails, with all the bones taken out, and highly spiced and seasoned.

We set to work with our fingers, (following our host’s example,) and though from want of practice not quite so expert, contrived to
make a very hearty breakfast, which we wound up with a delicious draught of iced sherbet.


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