At six o’clock mounted our elephants and proceeded to a jungle a few miles off, where I had promised to meet Sher Sing and have a few hours’ wild hog and deer shooting. Found him waiting our arrival with an immense establishment of elephants. and we fell in with a great many wild hogs,
some deer, and a few black partridges and hares.

The Sihks have a curious way of catching the wild hog, which I never saw practised in any other part of India. They make a kind of snare of strong withys, and setting them in runs of the hogs, generally succeed in catching the finest boars, who, when once disturbed, rush blindly on, till brought up by these snares, when a man goes up, and generally at a single blow of his sword puts an end to them. We caught five and twenty in this manner in the course of a few hours.

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