What kinds of meat can be eaten?

The best is wild boar (bairah), the rhinoceros (gainda), various kinds of deer (mrig), goat (bakara), sheep (chhattara) and hare (kharagoz).

What kinds of bird may be eaten?

The best is crane (kulang), then goose (gaz), wild goose (magh), wild duck (murgai), various kinds of quail (batera lava), sparrow (tara-chira), dove (ghughi), pigeon (kabutar), undomesticated cock (karavanak jangali kukar), heron (buz), black cuckoo (kokala), and partridge (tittar).

What kinds of fish [or water vegetables] may be eaten?

The best is rohu then water chesnut (singhara saula), aloe perfoliata (khagga), shrimp (jhinga), jajhalia, and the papal [or] vahilia.

Anyone who is not particularly fond of eating fish should nevertheless do so occasionally.


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