The Guru arrived in the garden of Masand Gulaba whilst he was out. Upon hearing this Masand Gulaba quickly made his way home. On arriving he saw Guru (Gobind Singh) sitting upon the ground. He performed Namaskar and placed his head at the Guru’s feet.

He asked the Guru if he could be advised what seva he could perform. “Whatever is your wish I will bring.”

Guru replied, “Sukha (Cannabis), peppers will bring satisfaction without Amal (drug affect) a great deal of time has passed (since I have consumed). I will drink then my thoughts will awaken (Prakaash)”.

Hearing, Gulaba immediately went to buy from the Bazaar. The Guru sat down in the garden of flowers and trees. His body endured, dryness from the milk of Aak (Calotropis Gigantea). There was a need to take Sukha. The three companions then understood that they did not have any (Sukha) with them except for Maan Singh.

Hearing the Guru he took it out. He prepared the little he had. Upon their thirst they drank. The Guru was pleased and said,“In the Panth Khalsa there will be many amongst the Panth the likes of you, their character will b​e like yours and their name will be Nihangs amongst the Akalis.”

A little time was spent such as the wish for Sukha was. They then washed their faces. Waited for more Sukha to be brought, after drinking the Guru was content.

Sukha and peppers were made ready, Gulaba brought it to the Guru, filled the bowl and put it in front of the Guru who picked it up and drank it removing his thirst again. Cold water, beautiful, was drunk, upon which the thirst was removed and the Sukha effect was removed also. Great warmth arose.


This is a truly panthic effort, we would be honoured to add your findings here. Please provide the exact reference and content in either Gurmukhi or English. Puraatan ithihaas, puraatan rehit or Gurbaani is foundational. But if you have any other useful and relevant references we will certainly consider it.

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