As this shrewd emissary Subeg Singh arrived there, the Khalsa Singhs were holding a religious congregation.

Gurbaani hymns were being recited to the accompaniment of music, as well as cannabis leaves were being grounded and meat roasted. While a few Singh were grooming and sprucing up their horses, a few others were cleaning and sharpening their weapons, while a few others were practicing shooting of arrows and firing of guns, some one else was rotating a circular ring over his finger.
While some one was giving a body message to another, someone else was moving a flywhisk over others. Another Singh was seen fetching a bucket of water, for giving a bath to his fellow (elderly) Singhs.
While a few were cleaning their teeth and bathing themselves, others were changing their undergarments (after a bath). Instead of having feelings of rivalry against each other, everyone was too keen to serving each other. Approaching their camp, Subeg Singh got down from his horse, and paid his obeisance with folded hands.
Greeting the Singhs with the traditional Vahiguru ji ki Fateh, he shouted the Singh’s famous slogan of Akaal! Akaal!


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