The Preparation of Consumption of Food

In your earthen cooking-square cook over a wood fire, not a dung one. Wash your hands and feet and sit in a clean place to eat. Always wear a kachh when eating. Do not eat with your kes uncovered. Neither consume  too much grain nor wholly abstain from it. Do not drink water in which you have washed your hands. Do not eat from the same dish as someone else. Those who have received either khande de puhal or charan de puhal cannot eat muslim meat (kutha), domestic pig, or donkey.


This is a truly panthic effort, we would be honoured to add your findings here. Please provide the exact reference and content in either Gurmukhi or English. Puraatan ithihaas, puraatan rehit or Gurbaani is foundational. But if you have any other useful and relevant references we will certainly consider it.

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