Despite this assemblage of Singhs, the Brars did not budge, attacking the Singhs’ assembly in the afternoon hours of the day.

As the Singhs were already in high morale after a dose of cannabis, there occurred an armed encounter between the Singhs and the Brars.

While a few Singhs were reciting verses from Chandi-di-Var, A few others were performing ablutions after answering nature’s call. As all the Singhs rushed to fight after hearing the drum beat, the Brars started poking fun at the rushing Singhs.

Feeling that Singhs would never dare to come too close to the Brars, as they would keep the Singhs at bay with their sharp spears. Assuming themselves to be fortunate if the Singhs attacked them, as they would snatch the Singhs’ horses with their lances

Singhs, on the other hand, considered the Brars an easy game, as they would kill the spear-armed Brars by firing at them. Thus did both the sides attack each other, thus did start an encounter between the Singhs and the Brars.

As the Brars thought of wielding their spears against the Singhs, the Singhs prepared to shoot the spear-wielding Brars. As the Brars’ lances hurled at Singhs failed to hit, the Singhs would snatch a Brar’s horse after shooting him.


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